How to get basic horse?

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How to get basic horse?

ViestiKirjoittaja spadekevin » 02 Elo 2018 16:45


it's me again with another problem here After gaining some levels (29 now) my wife wanted to get a horse
She bought a Horse Voucher for 50g at the Horse Merchant at the stables in TNN near the south gate.
Regarding the online help you have to give that voucher to the Royal Stable Master who is inside the stables which will trigger a quest.Unfortunately the stable master does not accept the voucher ("Royal Stable Master does not want this item") so nothing happens. Is it bugged or are the basic horses just not implemented on Storm? Are there any other ways to get mounts here on the server?

Please help.

I didn't find the right solution from the Internet.

2d Motion Graphic

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