Why do fish stick their mouths out of the water

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Why do fish stick their mouths out of the water

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There are a few reasons for this. Firstly many fish feed at the surface, and in captivity many get accustomed to coming to the surface to pick up floating food. They also get used to doing it on cue when there is movement outside the tank (i.e. they think the food is coming and they know it arrives at the surface).Secondly it's worth pointing out that many fish do actually breath air. Most obviously you could think of lungfish but there are also many others. For example anabantoids or labyrinth fishes - which include popular pet fishes like gouramis and siamese fighters. These have a modified swim bladder (called the labyrinth organ) that is used in essence as a lung. Taking gulps of air at the surface helps them survive in small stagnant ponds with low dissolved oxygen. I've been told (but it may not be true!) that some anabantoids will actually drown if they don't have access to the surface.Thirdly - and again particularly in the context of fish in captivity - gulping at the surface can be a sign of distress caused by poor water quality. Unfortunately many people keep fish in tanks (or even worse in bowls!) that are too small and lack proper filtration

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