Crazy Business Idea: Ethical Aquarium Store

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Crazy Business Idea: Ethical Aquarium Store

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I recently set up a small aquarium. I mainly got supplies from Petco. I have been thinking about the conditions that the fish are kept in. It is a minor disaster. Betta fish especially look so miserable. They are stuck in these tiny little containers, about the size of a coffee mug, and stacked on top of each other. It looks awful.The fish are kept in overcrowded aquariums also. And from what I"ve read, most fish come from like Indonesia where they douse the coral with cyanide to capture the fish. Half the fish die, and half float to the top stunned. THe coral dies.So my crazy idea is this: an ethical aquarium store. It would have gigantic tanks that rival what you see in public aquariums, that go from floor to eye level. Fish would be kept in more spacious conditions with plants and so on. It would almost be a mini-zoo. This would result in healthier fish which of course would be a selling point for these pets. Also, as much as possible the fish would be bred on store grounds so as to minimize ecological destruction. Prices of course would be higher, but higher prices for individual fish are no big deal, since most go for under 5 bucks. Eh? There probably is something like this already, and it would require lots of capital and so on, but I like the idea.

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