Bogleheads monthly costs of dog ownership?

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Bogleheads monthly costs of dog ownership?

Viesti Kirjoittaja ClintBarton » 07 Kesä 2018 08:58


My wife and I found a lab mix dog at city shelter that's around 2 and if still there we are thinking about getting him this weekend. Only $75 with being fixed, microchip, etc.. . Way cheaper than going through breeder for full bread dog. He seems already trained, super calm walking on a leash, listens and obeys to commands.I wanted true BH folks to give a monthly breakdown of what they spend on having a medium to large dog for food, vet, everything included. We travel very little at this time, so boarding would be very minimal. Also concerned about him being home 9 hours a day without being able to go outside. Some say it's cruel, I say it's realistic. Most of us have to work and most don't work close enough to come home for lunch.

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